Kate (iamjackslungs) wrote,

Im in third right now. Boring...very. And nothing is happening, just another shitty day. At least tonite, I wont have to work because I will attending the 89x Stole Christmas Show, I cant wait to see The Used, I feel like being rather social tonite.
Today at lunch, I saw that Ashley had a emo pin on her bag (Emo Sucks!) and I pointed it out and said "Emo does not suck!" she replied, "You only like emo because Matt likes emo"...Ouch...Very ouch.

Almost enough to cry.. ::chuckles:: I got upset and so i left her locker to go get my stuff and headed for the other campus. I tried to settle things out with her, but she "doesnt fucking care". That is probably the worst thing someone could say to me - that I only like something because someone else likes it...::sighs::..Im real upset about it. But its Ashley and she doesnt care about anything but herself. Sort of reminding me of Danielle. ::shakes head::
Anyways. Me and cody are chatting about Finch, aww I wish I was listenin to them right now.
In other bad news. Kate has a stuffy/runny nose, which is affecting her nose ::sad face:: Its getting real crusty and dry, then when I go and move it it kills. I also havent been getting any sleep lately...
Cody has music over there...kates signing off...good day.
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