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Today was a boring day, filled with movies, movies, and more movies.
1st period Austin Powers, 2nd period I dont remember since I put on my headphones and fell asleep, 3rd Sanata Clause and 4th we actually did work, then after school The Nightmare Before Christmas with Matt.
I met Matt and I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I kissed him. I <3 him so much. I cant believe that Ive gone without him for 5 days.
Im heading to the mall soon, I have to buy a patch for Lauren to go along with her gift and a card too, a good one :) I also have to do some banking, a lot. I owe many money to both Rob and Jeff, urgh. And I want to buy a pair of pants. We will look. :)
Today is a wonderful day and so the next couple of days. Cant wait to spend the night with Matt on Sat and Sun. He is getting his hair cut. He needs in it the back. :: snickers::
Anyhoo, I shall be going to get ready.
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