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:: shakes head ::

I feel quite unusual, and depressed right now.
I spent the afternoon with Lauren, Nicole, and Ashley.
We sat in Laurens basement and had good times. I love lauren's house. We stayed there from 2 to 9 30, ordered pizza, watched dazed and confused and lord of the rings. Me and ashley had buddles of laughter on the loveseat, we were screaming and laughing and Laurens brother came down and gave us teh weirdest looks...it was quite hilerious, I love ashley, bestest gurl to laugh and make stupid jokes with.

God. Im ever depressed, but I dont know why, Nicole bought me the Zao cd, I jumped up and down and lost 5 pounds I think. :: sniff sniff ::
And this weekend is looking good, but Im just stressed, Im going to break down and cry, any mintue, probably tonite. So fucked..My mom is one of the main reasons, this household is.

Items to buy
- notebook
- tape
- pens
- bright eyes cd
- coheed and cambria cd
- headphones
- nose ring

i mostly want the 1st 2 items.
..Poor Kate..:: sighs :: Maybe tomorrow will be better...wait. no it wont, i have to work for many hours, most likely in toys *the bust section* and Brendon is still upset with me and doesnt want to be on speakin terms. Some people are so senstive..Damn them...Fuck 'em..
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