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:: cough cough ::

I have a really bad cough right now, I get it whenever Im home, but I dont get it when Im out of the house. Its really confusing. I also have a runny nose, a very snotty one :: giggles :: Its sorta hard because of my pierced nose, but the septum is doing great and it is 2 weeks and a half old. I say happy birthday to it every friday :) Rob's friend Steph just noticed it last nite and didnt think it was real, she was like "whe did you get that!?!?!" and i said "I had it for about 2 weeks!" and she said "hoe come i never noticed it!?!" and THEN I SAID! *lol* "Because you are stoned most of the time!" It was quite funnie. Steph is a very kute girl.

On saturday night, Matt came over and we exchanged gifts. Yey! Fight club and a preddy heart sliver shaped neckless. I love it! I <3 Matt. We then headed to the bus stop and waited for the Crosstown to take us to gino, the band were very good, Day Late Hero was the one I enjoyed most. Kenny was there too ::thumbs up:: I sorta got the impression he likes me, Im very flattered. Hes a sweet guy. I had a very good nite with Matt. He cut his hair! Its no longer shaggy, and shaggy is good ::whines:: it'll grow, it'll grow though. And he dyed the tips in the front a redish/purple color, it looks good on him. Very sexy Matt.

On sunday night, I worked all day until 7. aargh. and the show started at 7 too. So I got Jeff to drive me home quickly, but before I went home, I bought a hoodie at zellers. Its navy blue and a size 18 in kids. And has the word 'Queens' on the front. Its fuzzy inside and I really like it, it was only 20$ :) When I got to gino, Kenny and some people were outside so I sat with them for a lil bit and then went in to see Matt, Searching for Chin played, I have not seen them since the summer I was very happy! Matt got punched in the face a couple of times, silly boy in the pit. I had a good weekend. I hope my luck continues into the week.

Im pondering the idea of telling mom about my nose, because one day I wish to get a ring for it. That will be in about 6 weeks though. Im not going to because Im not dumb and crazy. I dont think I will be doing anything for Christmas Eve, but on Christmas, its the same boring routine that we always do. Go to doms for the day, and family comes over at night and we go home late. The end.
On boxing day, Im working. Time and a half or something. So I will be expecting huge pay. I nmeed $$$, Im thinking about either buying a computer for my room, OR putting all the money away in bonds or something. Im not even thinking about a car. I cant even drive yet. So screw that. Anyways, im off > to listen to Boys Night Out. ::sighs:: I wish it was night time so I could sneek out and see Matt. I hate this yuck, dull light outside.
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