Kate (iamjackslungs) wrote,

Another.. ::cough cough::

Im getting sick of this fucking cough. :: sniff sniff ::
Well.. Hello.
Last nite...I worked until 11, it was okay. Nothing special. After I went to Matty's :) We had fun listening to The Used, and Glassjaw and he made me with some MSI (mindless self indulgence). We were sitting there, and I think it was Glassjaw that was playing...mmmhmm..yes it was. And he said that this was the song we had our 1st kiss to. I was shocked. But it was real sweet too. I came home, and slept for only 6 hours. Woke up to a empty home, then deicded to go to the mall to get my moms gift. I waited until the last minute. :) I never do so I thought I should. I bought her a picture, a very nice tablecloth, a phone for her room and a book she wanted to read. I bought myself a book too. Im in the mood to read. It'll keep me busy. Bryan just called :) Quiz Time too.
How can I label you?

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Dinner time, I'll finish later
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