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Shes back. Joy?...No..

Tonite = Mass at St. Rose Church that Kate didnt really enjoy that much. I just sat there, stood and knelt when needed and thats about it. I hate being dragged around to the house of worship when I dont even want to worship the same god. Never again.
After, Me, Jeff, Dom and my mom went to my grandparents house. I opened a very nice white/dress shirt. Long selves, Im content with it, because I will now be able to wear some tighter shirts over top of that one, because it is tight itself. Make sense?... I thought not. :: cough cough :: Then we went to Dom's and watched Spider Man on SAT. It was ok.

I found myself sitting in Mass tonite, thinking about many things. Mostly about Matt and myself. I also found myself sleeping. :: smirk :: About Matt, it was mostly about him. And how wonderful and amazing he is. :: in love :: He just wont get out of my head. I wish last nite could happen again. I realized how pretty and true his eyes are and a whole bunch of other crap that probably no one will ever know/care about.

On the way home, it was snowing. Im disappointed with this snow. I dont want to see it. i just want a X-mas without snow. Darnit. I hope I get good gifts tomorrow, something that I will really want. who knows.

What Drug are You?

Im going to bed now. Heading off to read some erotic Ann Rice....thats not sounding right is it?...meh.
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