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Good afternoon, ::sigh::
Ive been doing nothing all day. Just waiting, and some more waiting. Waiting for tonite. Going to Matts house, he is having a little party thing. Meh, Im not too crazy on the idea because its all of his buds, Im briging Ash along so it'll be even better. But if I get a chance to see Ashley and Matt and get out of the house at the same time, I'll do whatever it is.

Yesturday, Me and Matt met, and went back to his house. We had lots of fun and watched Monsters, Inc. Its quite good, I saw it once before. It was a wonderful afternoon.
As soon as I got home, I quickly changed and got ready for Sam and her two friends (Zac and Matt) they picked me up, we were planning on going to the mall then to go see a movie. So we walked around a bit in the mall, I saw Corey, Faye and Andrea from school, it was nice to see them and chat. Faye is currently dating her love, Matt. Shes very happy, and its great that she gets what she wants because she truly deserves it.
We were in HMV and I was looking around for Boys Night Out Cd, but they didnt have any, so I asked one of the girls if they even sold that cd, and she checked and they sure do, she put my name on the list so when they get it in they will call me. I think I should do that for Matt, because he really wants to buy donnie darko but he said he couldnt find it. I think I'll do that next time Im in there. He'll be happy if he gets it.

Then the movie, Gangs of New York, was a really good movie, I enjoyed it. Lots of blood and great detail, I was amazed. One part was really shocking. I thought of Jessica after, hehe. There was a mob that was chasing a elephant down the street. They were screaming and had steaks and tourches. I was shocked and almost cried at the thought of slaughtering that animal! Sam wondered what was wrong with me and Zac and Matt were just freaked. heh. I didnt get home until about 12, and when I did mom greeted me by yelling about where I went with Matt today and how I didnt even ask to go out. I hate mothers.
In other good news, I bought a ring for my nose, its a ring with 2 spikes on the end and its black. I tried it on, its a lil big though compared to the retainer, I'll show Matt it, he will probably tell me if its any good. I want a ring with a black gem (sliver) on it, I saw some with blue ones. But black would be nicer.
In bad news, Im such a jealous fool. I hate it. I dont want it to take over. Urgh. AND! I must go, wander around for awhile before Ashley comes over.
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