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Hello. ::sigh:: Im listenin to Thrusday. Our whole comptuer was deleted yesturday, including all thee pictures and music I had on here. But I got some of them back. The party last nite was great, I had tons of fun. Even though one girl I really disliked was there, thank god she left early or she would have ruined everything. I dont think Im going into detail because Im real too tired and just realy upset/angry at someone who I hardly know. Ashley slept over and at 2am we were talking to Nicole (She went to a different party). She said she had a really crummy time that night so we invited her over to sleep over. I got in a huge fight for doing that. My mother was going insane, more so then usually. I got grounded. So, I could not go out today.
Today has been the worse day in the past couple of months, if I only had a gun. I hate today with a passion and its such a good way to start out 2003 aint it?
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