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[20 Jan 2005|11:52am]
My journal is now friends, so if you come across, post and see if i want to add you :)
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[12 Jan 2005|08:27am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Well things are totally bad, thanks to a certain "family" member, mom found out about my septum and I no longer have it. I think me and her made an agreement when Im 17 and if I still want it I will I can get it, so its not totally bad. Im not sure if Iam going to write in here anymore, I dont want some people knowing about my life when they arent even in it. Plus I realy like looking at the communties I have on my friends list and looking at Wes, Beths and Jessica's journals and posting in them., so Im sure I will keep my journal.

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[07 Jan 2005|10:50am]
Dead ?

Me and Matt hung out all day today. Went to go buy our tickets for the used, finch and the movielife and they were all sold out. im very saddened and matts even worse, it was for his b-day too. im super bummed and hungry, i didnt eat anything all day. i feel real awful because i have a bunch of science work to do and a test to study for but i dont want to . but i know i need to. i hate the government and the education system.

Me, pretty new hemp neckless and shirt, (cant see it that well) but thats the new one :)

Its half of me, I forget who took the pic. mmmhmm maybe me?

Matts Newly died red. Hes a god in this one. :: giggiles ::
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[07 Jan 2005|10:49am]
Dead ?

Me and Matt hung out all day today. Went to go buy our tickets for the used, finch and the movielife and they were all sold out. im very saddened and matts even worse, it was for his b-day too. im super bummed and hungry, i didnt eat anything all day. i feel real awful because i have a bunch of science work to do and a test to study for but i dont want to . but i know i need to. i hate the government and the education system.

Me, pretty new hemp neckless and shirt, (cant see it that well) but thats the new one :)

Its half of me, I forget who took the pic. mmmhmm maybe me?

Matts Newly died red. Hes a god in this one. :: giggiles ::
love me

[06 Jan 2005|10:46am]
[ mood | drained ]

Hey! Me and Matt have been spending countless days together and its great Im mega happy about it. Tonite we went to the mall and we enjoyed ourselves. I like going to the mall when I have money. He recently bought a very nice digital camera and we took pictures.


Bad Pic 1, Me and Tacos

I make a sexy guy!

Im too kute...I <3 this one. I met matt outside and took a suprise pic

New Posters that Matt bought tonite, Bob the Builder and Boo from Monsters In, The doll (Jack) is what I bought him for X-mas


That is all, I shall write tomorrow. Most likely post a pic on the 10$ shirt and new neckless I got too. :) nite all

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[03 Jan 2005|05:36am]
[ mood | dorky ]



Black Ring

Hiding Matt

Matt doesnt like the cam

Okay Im done. :)

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[01 Jan 2005|10:48am]
[ mood | intimidated ]

Hello. ::sigh:: Im listenin to Thrusday. Our whole comptuer was deleted yesturday, including all thee pictures and music I had on here. But I got some of them back. The party last nite was great, I had tons of fun. Even though one girl I really disliked was there, thank god she left early or she would have ruined everything. I dont think Im going into detail because Im real too tired and just realy upset/angry at someone who I hardly know. Ashley slept over and at 2am we were talking to Nicole (She went to a different party). She said she had a really crummy time that night so we invited her over to sleep over. I got in a huge fight for doing that. My mother was going insane, more so then usually. I got grounded. So, I could not go out today.
Today has been the worse day in the past couple of months, if I only had a gun. I hate today with a passion and its such a good way to start out 2003 aint it?

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[05 Dec 2004|04:09am]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Good afternoon, ::sigh::
Ive been doing nothing all day. Just waiting, and some more waiting. Waiting for tonite. Going to Matts house, he is having a little party thing. Meh, Im not too crazy on the idea because its all of his buds, Im briging Ash along so it'll be even better. But if I get a chance to see Ashley and Matt and get out of the house at the same time, I'll do whatever it is.

Yesturday, Me and Matt met, and went back to his house. We had lots of fun and watched Monsters, Inc. Its quite good, I saw it once before. It was a wonderful afternoon.
As soon as I got home, I quickly changed and got ready for Sam and her two friends (Zac and Matt) they picked me up, we were planning on going to the mall then to go see a movie. So we walked around a bit in the mall, I saw Corey, Faye and Andrea from school, it was nice to see them and chat. Faye is currently dating her love, Matt. Shes very happy, and its great that she gets what she wants because she truly deserves it.
We were in HMV and I was looking around for Boys Night Out Cd, but they didnt have any, so I asked one of the girls if they even sold that cd, and she checked and they sure do, she put my name on the list so when they get it in they will call me. I think I should do that for Matt, because he really wants to buy donnie darko but he said he couldnt find it. I think I'll do that next time Im in there. He'll be happy if he gets it.

Then the movie, Gangs of New York, was a really good movie, I enjoyed it. Lots of blood and great detail, I was amazed. One part was really shocking. I thought of Jessica after, hehe. There was a mob that was chasing a elephant down the street. They were screaming and had steaks and tourches. I was shocked and almost cried at the thought of slaughtering that animal! Sam wondered what was wrong with me and Zac and Matt were just freaked. heh. I didnt get home until about 12, and when I did mom greeted me by yelling about where I went with Matt today and how I didnt even ask to go out. I hate mothers.
In other good news, I bought a ring for my nose, its a ring with 2 spikes on the end and its black. I tried it on, its a lil big though compared to the retainer, I'll show Matt it, he will probably tell me if its any good. I want a ring with a black gem (sliver) on it, I saw some with blue ones. But black would be nicer.
In bad news, Im such a jealous fool. I hate it. I dont want it to take over. Urgh. AND! I must go, wander around for awhile before Ashley comes over.

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[04 Dec 2004|11:51am]
[ mood | cold ]

Sitting here, late at nite. Listening to The Hope Conspiracy, Kates falling in love with 'em.
Yesturday I worked until 4, after that me and matt headed to the little mall on a lilttle bus. It was fun, we went to zellers and matt got The PowePuff gurl movie, i was going to buy a shirt but they didnt have my size meh. Then we went to walmart, its funner then zellers because..
- we found 20$ on the floor
- bought some food with it, twistlers
- saw a mouse run across the floor
- saw dead fish
- played with bob the builder toys and the leap frog toy

It was great. We then went to blockbuster where matt bough monsters inc. he was real happy that he found it, we then grabbed some food at mcdonalds. which filled me up in no time. :)
We were walking back to the bus stop when matt and me found out that im ticklish around my front of the tummy. and he got me many times.
I had an amazing time with him last nite.

Today I worked. Wasnt that bad. Then I came home and my Aunt Jane and Uncle Alan and my cousins came over, they bought me some black socks and another hoodie. :) Its a red and cream colour. I really like it. I need black socks for work. Anyhoo, im getting very cold and I should be going now. Im talking to Matt and Tom...Tom is such a ASSFLAP....whatever that means. heh.

love me

Im in love with this song. New LJ icon too folks [04 Dec 2004|12:26am]
Jada Bloom (Vision of Disorder)

when something so special
seems to slide away
the truth is most lethal
it's breathing in your face.
when you coming to me,
tell me what's going on
holding your head up high
there's no shame in letting go
what happened to you and I
thought you would never leave me
when smoke gets in your eyes
trust in me
we all wander out in the night
under starlight
i just need one more fix
to keep me away from it
i beg, i plead for you to
leave me!
cause it's killing me and dragging me down
cuts and bruises
bruises and scabs
it's getting really hard to laugh
at these tears as the crystal's gleam
3 days and still no sleep
i wait for dead to come to me!
if you were to give me your hand
i'd make you understand
if i were to leave you behind
it would only be a matter of time
before we meet again....
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[03 Dec 2004|05:12am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Thats Me . I got a webcam.

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Boxing Day :: cough cough :: [01 Jan 2004|07:10am]
[ mood | envious ]

I just hurt my nose, owie. Damn septum not healed. I wish it were though. I want a ring so bad for it. Im going to post pics of what I want.
Ring 1

Ring 2 (I want a smaller one of these)
so, this christmas was just pooh.
nothing wonderful, just the same ol' christmas. last nite i went to doms from 3 to 9 until all the family left, there i collected around 250, im not sure what i want to buy yet. but i will discuss that later.
i showed my step brother, jon, my septum and he was grossed out, of coruse. he is the only one that knows in my family. i can trust him, we are "tight"...
I didnt get anyhting I wanted for christmas. not one thing except for the movie fight club which matt bought me.

i hate parents. i hate my parents. Ashley got a gutiar set thing. whatever. and her sister got a laptop, the kid is only 12, not even. im jealous. those are the two things i would kill for. mostly laptop.
im glad christmas is done. im sick of everyone being happy and cheerful. im not in the mood for people telling me their fucking lifestory of all the special moments. they can kiss my a...okay. i'll stop...Not my fault.

today I worked, 9 to 6, it wasnt that busy, time flew. Me and Barb,(gurl at st joes in grade 12) had some fun talking and taking our breaks. Me and Amanda did stock all bloody day, which wasnt bad at all, better then helping snoby ass customers. :: sigh :: Not bad at all today, I made maybe 90 or 100 bucks. meh.

Iam going to search for a laptop on the net, and scope out what I want. Im so undecided. My brother bough a 199$ portable cd player. What a waste. Oh well, he wont bug me for mine so Im good. 1st I want to get a webcam though, mom wants to go to the mall tomorrow. But I also want to watch Fight Club with Matt. :: sigh :: Matt..dont you wish you had a 6'4 boy?...:: smrik :: I got one.

love me

[30 Dec 2003|11:38pm]
[ mood | jealous ]

I found this somewhere on somesite and chuckled.

You have a businesslike attitude to life and a knack for making money. You're an unscruplous bastard who'd sell a relatives limbs to buy a mobile phone. You are likely to be murdered.

"I get to go to lots of overseas places....Like Canada"
- Britney Spears

"Feminism encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians"
- Pat Robertson, US Politician, 1992

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[30 Dec 2003|12:20pm]
ps. I need to post pictures. I WANT to post pictures. :: sad face :: But I dont have a web cam nor a scanner
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Back [30 Dec 2003|12:17pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Shes back. Joy?...No..

Tonite = Mass at St. Rose Church that Kate didnt really enjoy that much. I just sat there, stood and knelt when needed and thats about it. I hate being dragged around to the house of worship when I dont even want to worship the same god. Never again.
After, Me, Jeff, Dom and my mom went to my grandparents house. I opened a very nice white/dress shirt. Long selves, Im content with it, because I will now be able to wear some tighter shirts over top of that one, because it is tight itself. Make sense?... I thought not. :: cough cough :: Then we went to Dom's and watched Spider Man on SAT. It was ok.

I found myself sitting in Mass tonite, thinking about many things. Mostly about Matt and myself. I also found myself sleeping. :: smirk :: About Matt, it was mostly about him. And how wonderful and amazing he is. :: in love :: He just wont get out of my head. I wish last nite could happen again. I realized how pretty and true his eyes are and a whole bunch of other crap that probably no one will ever know/care about.

On the way home, it was snowing. Im disappointed with this snow. I dont want to see it. i just want a X-mas without snow. Darnit. I hope I get good gifts tomorrow, something that I will really want. who knows.

What Drug are You?

Im going to bed now. Heading off to read some erotic Ann Rice....thats not sounding right is it?...meh.

love me

Another.. ::cough cough:: [30 Dec 2003|04:56am]
Im getting sick of this fucking cough. :: sniff sniff ::
Well.. Hello.
Last nite...I worked until 11, it was okay. Nothing special. After I went to Matty's :) We had fun listening to The Used, and Glassjaw and he made me with some MSI (mindless self indulgence). We were sitting there, and I think it was Glassjaw that was playing...mmmhmm..yes it was. And he said that this was the song we had our 1st kiss to. I was shocked. But it was real sweet too. I came home, and slept for only 6 hours. Woke up to a empty home, then deicded to go to the mall to get my moms gift. I waited until the last minute. :) I never do so I thought I should. I bought her a picture, a very nice tablecloth, a phone for her room and a book she wanted to read. I bought myself a book too. Im in the mood to read. It'll keep me busy. Bryan just called :) Quiz Time too.
How can I label you?

brought to you by Quizilla

Dinner time, I'll finish later
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:: cough cough :: [29 Dec 2003|12:22am]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I have a really bad cough right now, I get it whenever Im home, but I dont get it when Im out of the house. Its really confusing. I also have a runny nose, a very snotty one :: giggles :: Its sorta hard because of my pierced nose, but the septum is doing great and it is 2 weeks and a half old. I say happy birthday to it every friday :) Rob's friend Steph just noticed it last nite and didnt think it was real, she was like "whe did you get that!?!?!" and i said "I had it for about 2 weeks!" and she said "hoe come i never noticed it!?!" and THEN I SAID! *lol* "Because you are stoned most of the time!" It was quite funnie. Steph is a very kute girl.

On saturday night, Matt came over and we exchanged gifts. Yey! Fight club and a preddy heart sliver shaped neckless. I love it! I <3 Matt. We then headed to the bus stop and waited for the Crosstown to take us to gino, the band were very good, Day Late Hero was the one I enjoyed most. Kenny was there too ::thumbs up:: I sorta got the impression he likes me, Im very flattered. Hes a sweet guy. I had a very good nite with Matt. He cut his hair! Its no longer shaggy, and shaggy is good ::whines:: it'll grow, it'll grow though. And he dyed the tips in the front a redish/purple color, it looks good on him. Very sexy Matt.

On sunday night, I worked all day until 7. aargh. and the show started at 7 too. So I got Jeff to drive me home quickly, but before I went home, I bought a hoodie at zellers. Its navy blue and a size 18 in kids. And has the word 'Queens' on the front. Its fuzzy inside and I really like it, it was only 20$ :) When I got to gino, Kenny and some people were outside so I sat with them for a lil bit and then went in to see Matt, Searching for Chin played, I have not seen them since the summer I was very happy! Matt got punched in the face a couple of times, silly boy in the pit. I had a good weekend. I hope my luck continues into the week.

Im pondering the idea of telling mom about my nose, because one day I wish to get a ring for it. That will be in about 6 weeks though. Im not going to because Im not dumb and crazy. I dont think I will be doing anything for Christmas Eve, but on Christmas, its the same boring routine that we always do. Go to doms for the day, and family comes over at night and we go home late. The end.
On boxing day, Im working. Time and a half or something. So I will be expecting huge pay. I nmeed $$$, Im thinking about either buying a computer for my room, OR putting all the money away in bonds or something. Im not even thinking about a car. I cant even drive yet. So screw that. Anyways, im off > to listen to Boys Night Out. ::sighs:: I wish it was night time so I could sneek out and see Matt. I hate this yuck, dull light outside.

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:: shakes head :: [26 Dec 2003|11:14am]
[ mood | crushed ]

I feel quite unusual, and depressed right now.
I spent the afternoon with Lauren, Nicole, and Ashley.
We sat in Laurens basement and had good times. I love lauren's house. We stayed there from 2 to 9 30, ordered pizza, watched dazed and confused and lord of the rings. Me and ashley had buddles of laughter on the loveseat, we were screaming and laughing and Laurens brother came down and gave us teh weirdest looks...it was quite hilerious, I love ashley, bestest gurl to laugh and make stupid jokes with.

God. Im ever depressed, but I dont know why, Nicole bought me the Zao cd, I jumped up and down and lost 5 pounds I think. :: sniff sniff ::
And this weekend is looking good, but Im just stressed, Im going to break down and cry, any mintue, probably tonite. So fucked..My mom is one of the main reasons, this household is.

Items to buy
- notebook
- tape
- pens
- bright eyes cd
- coheed and cambria cd
- headphones
- nose ring

i mostly want the 1st 2 items.
..Poor Kate..:: sighs :: Maybe tomorrow will be better...wait. no it wont, i have to work for many hours, most likely in toys *the bust section* and Brendon is still upset with me and doesnt want to be on speakin terms. Some people are so senstive..Damn them...Fuck 'em..

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Finally [25 Dec 2003|05:50am]
[ mood | loved ]

Today was a boring day, filled with movies, movies, and more movies.
1st period Austin Powers, 2nd period I dont remember since I put on my headphones and fell asleep, 3rd Sanata Clause and 4th we actually did work, then after school The Nightmare Before Christmas with Matt.
I met Matt and I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I kissed him. I <3 him so much. I cant believe that Ive gone without him for 5 days.
Im heading to the mall soon, I have to buy a patch for Lauren to go along with her gift and a card too, a good one :) I also have to do some banking, a lot. I owe many money to both Rob and Jeff, urgh. And I want to buy a pair of pants. We will look. :)
Today is a wonderful day and so the next couple of days. Cant wait to spend the night with Matt on Sat and Sun. He is getting his hair cut. He needs in it the back. :: snickers::
Anyhoo, I shall be going to get ready.

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[24 Dec 2003|01:54pm]
Im in third right now. Boring...very. And nothing is happening, just another shitty day. At least tonite, I wont have to work because I will attending the 89x Stole Christmas Show, I cant wait to see The Used, I feel like being rather social tonite.
Today at lunch, I saw that Ashley had a emo pin on her bag (Emo Sucks!) and I pointed it out and said "Emo does not suck!" she replied, "You only like emo because Matt likes emo"...Ouch...Very ouch.

Almost enough to cry.. ::chuckles:: I got upset and so i left her locker to go get my stuff and headed for the other campus. I tried to settle things out with her, but she "doesnt fucking care". That is probably the worst thing someone could say to me - that I only like something because someone else likes it...::sighs::..Im real upset about it. But its Ashley and she doesnt care about anything but herself. Sort of reminding me of Danielle. ::shakes head::
Anyways. Me and cody are chatting about Finch, aww I wish I was listenin to them right now.
In other bad news. Kate has a stuffy/runny nose, which is affecting her nose ::sad face:: Its getting real crusty and dry, then when I go and move it it kills. I also havent been getting any sleep lately...
Cody has music over there...kates signing off...good day.
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