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Boxing Day :: cough cough ::

I just hurt my nose, owie. Damn septum not healed. I wish it were though. I want a ring so bad for it. Im going to post pics of what I want.
Ring 1

Ring 2 (I want a smaller one of these)
so, this christmas was just pooh.
nothing wonderful, just the same ol' christmas. last nite i went to doms from 3 to 9 until all the family left, there i collected around 250, im not sure what i want to buy yet. but i will discuss that later.
i showed my step brother, jon, my septum and he was grossed out, of coruse. he is the only one that knows in my family. i can trust him, we are "tight"...
I didnt get anyhting I wanted for christmas. not one thing except for the movie fight club which matt bought me.

i hate parents. i hate my parents. Ashley got a gutiar set thing. whatever. and her sister got a laptop, the kid is only 12, not even. im jealous. those are the two things i would kill for. mostly laptop.
im glad christmas is done. im sick of everyone being happy and cheerful. im not in the mood for people telling me their fucking lifestory of all the special moments. they can kiss my a...okay. i'll stop...Not my fault.

today I worked, 9 to 6, it wasnt that busy, time flew. Me and Barb,(gurl at st joes in grade 12) had some fun talking and taking our breaks. Me and Amanda did stock all bloody day, which wasnt bad at all, better then helping snoby ass customers. :: sigh :: Not bad at all today, I made maybe 90 or 100 bucks. meh.

Iam going to search for a laptop on the net, and scope out what I want. Im so undecided. My brother bough a 199$ portable cd player. What a waste. Oh well, he wont bug me for mine so Im good. 1st I want to get a webcam though, mom wants to go to the mall tomorrow. But I also want to watch Fight Club with Matt. :: sigh :: Matt..dont you wish you had a 6'4 boy?...:: smrik :: I got one.
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