Kate (iamjackslungs) wrote,

Im in love with this song. New LJ icon too folks

Jada Bloom (Vision of Disorder)

when something so special
seems to slide away
the truth is most lethal
it's breathing in your face.
when you coming to me,
tell me what's going on
holding your head up high
there's no shame in letting go
what happened to you and I
thought you would never leave me
when smoke gets in your eyes
trust in me
we all wander out in the night
under starlight
i just need one more fix
to keep me away from it
i beg, i plead for you to
leave me!
cause it's killing me and dragging me down
cuts and bruises
bruises and scabs
it's getting really hard to laugh
at these tears as the crystal's gleam
3 days and still no sleep
i wait for dead to come to me!
if you were to give me your hand
i'd make you understand
if i were to leave you behind
it would only be a matter of time
before we meet again....
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Hey...my name's Katie..I stumbled upon your journal randomly, and you haven't written in it in a while, but I really liked your interests list..
would you mind if I added you to my friends list?
Hey! :) no no i have written lately, that post was just today. The date is so mested up on my journal, I do write very often and I dont mind if you add me! I like to get new friends! Thankx