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I'm standing in this corner. Can't get their attention.
accents, alkaline trio, ancient cultures, art, at the drive in, autumn, biting, black, books, bootleging, boys in tight pants, boys in tight shirts, boysnightout, brand new, bright eyes, caffeine, candles, cereal, chocolate, coffee shops, coheed and cambria, computers, concerts, conor oberst, creation, crime, cuddling, curiosity, cursive, dashboard confessional, daylatehero, death, death cab for cutie, depeche mode, depression, desaparecidos, destruction, donnie darko, dorks, dreaming, emo, faith, fight club, fire, food, from autumn to ashes, further seems forever, geeks, glassjaw, godspeed you black emperor, graffiti, hardcore, honesty, hoodies, illustration, indie rock, james dean, jean jackets, jets to brazil, jimi hendrix, jones soda, juice, juliana theory, keeping a journal, laughing, le tigre, licking, love, lyrics, mewithoutyou, midtown, mineral water, mixtapes, modern english, moshing, mullet hunting, mxpx, nature, night, nightmare before christmas, noncomformity, nonsense, norma jean, old photos, onelinedrawing, paperback, phone books, photography, pictures, piercings, pink floyd, plankeye, poetry, procrastination, psychology, q and not u, radioflyer, radiohead, rain, reading, rebellion, religion, road trips, sarcasm, saves the day, screaming, screamo, searching for chin, self expression, septum piercings, sigur ros, singing, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, society, songs, spatulas, stars, stickers, sulking, sunny day real estate, surface piercings, taking back sunday, tattoos, terror, the crow, the get up kids, the moldy peaches, the movielife, the smiths, the starting line, thinking, thrice, thrift stores, thrifting, thursday, tight pants, tight shirts, tim burton, twothirtyeight, underoath, vincent price, vintage, walking in the rain, white belts, words, writing